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Liz Penaura Unique

Liz Penaura Unique


Since 2015 Penaura Plush Dolls have been delighting children and doll enthusiasts across the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.  Hand-crafted by local artist, Jessica LaGuerre, these dolls are eye-catching and unique.  They’re fashioned in an array of vibrant colors and composed of sturdy polyester, acrylic, satin and nylon fibers.  In addition, metal, glass, plastic and multi luster hematite stone beadwork have been incorporated in the dresses adding glamour and glitz to these beautiful pieces.   Each doll is approximately eleven inches in height, six inches wide, and five inches in depth.  They make great conversation pieces for home and office.

Expected to ship within seven (7) days after ordered, within fourteen (14) days if multiple dolls are ordered.
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